26 fevereiro 2009


copyright 2009 Marlin A. Stramel and Alex Degruchy
Artwork By Wilton Pacheco
"We are somewhere in the depths of space, many thousands of years ago. There are no planets in sight, only stars and darkness. What takes up most of the image are the twelve vann’ai spaceships travelling through space. All the ships are similar in design, with perhaps a few small differences, and each one is large enough to house dozens of vann’ai. A large component in all of these ships is ormidium."

Ormidium induced vision 75%

Ormidium induced vision 68%

Ormidium induced vision 67%

Ormidium induced vision 66%

Ormidium induced vision 65%

22 fevereiro 2009

Map Kansas and kids

I'm happy about this - science is back in the Comics, at an early age to simple forms of complex ideas; I think it makes concepts familiar, letting kids get comfortable with sometimes difficult topics before they're presented with the adult, "serious" versions - comics are the perfect medium for that! Don't worry that kids might be too young for these books - I've noticed the kids read them before they were really ready to understand everything they read, then came back to them when they were older and got more out of them.

Complet 2

Concept 02 Eartglider completed 60%

Concept 02 Eartglider completed 40%

12 fevereiro 2009

Pag 7 - 48%

Pag 7 - 20%

Pencils/artworks: Marcelo Salaza
Inks: new inker, kal J. moon.
Colors: Wilton Pacheco

Page 7 - 5%

art: Salaza __kal J. moon_____ Color: Wilton

09 fevereiro 2009

Segundo volume, lá vamos nós.

Arte final Azir, Desenho Salaza e cor minha.